The Naturalness of Artifice

The BCRA Museum Is Part of the IV Edition of BIENALSUR, with Florencia Battiti as Curator


The exhibition called “The Naturalness of Artifice" will be displayed at the BCRA Museum within the framework of the BIENALSUR km 1.6, from July 19 to August 31, 2023. Through the works of José Franco, Karina El Azem and Martín La Rosa, visitors are invited to explore new dialogues between nature and culture, eluding hierarchical categories and dichotomies.

"The notion of nature and culture as hierarchical and distinct categories is becoming increasingly improbable. These dichotomies conceived in modernity—similar to man/woman, body/mind—are now being strongly challenged by the social sciences, and their discussion has even entered the political arena. Conceiving reality from this dichotomous perspective therefore entails a cultural and historical construction that always denotes a specific ideology. In this process of reinventing the way in which we perceive our surroundings, art offers us new avenues for dialogue with the living and even novel approaches to art itself. Thus, through the works of Karina El Azem, José Franco and Martín La Rosa, the notions of the natural, the artificial, the artistic, and the cultural are re-signified to restore, to some extent, their original mystery and strangeness,” said curator Florencia Battiti.

The IV edition of BIENALSUR opens on July 19 with 11 exhibitions that will be presented simultaneously in 7 museums and cultural spaces of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. This edition will take place in over 70 cities and 28 countries throughout the five continents until December with works by over 400 artists, to foster reflection and debate on ecofeminism, fake news, and the construction of narratives on politics and democracy on a global cartography.

The venues of BIENALSUR 2023 are among the most emblematic places in Argentina.

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July 19, 2023

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