Administration and Central Services Deputy General Management Office | Duties

To guide, coordinate and supervise planning and management activities related to the provision of goods and services to Central Bank departments and areas, and the preparation and review of the Bank’s financial statements and budget.

To manage, coordinate and supervise activities related to BCRA human resources management. To advise senior institutional authorities on the development of the human resources policy.

Marina Ongaro | Deputy General Manager

Marina Ongaro graduated in Economics from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

She joined the BCRA in 2002 as senior analyst in the Foreign Trade and Exchange area, and was subsequently appointed Foreign Trade and Exchange Research and Planning Manager, and Foreign Trade and Exchange Senior Manager.

Before joining the BCRA, she worked at the National Bureau of International Accounts (Argentine Ministry of Economy) developing and implementing methodologies to estimate foreign direct investment as part of the statistics on the balance of payments and international investment position.

Fotografía de Marina Ongaro