2022 Central Bank Painting Award

The BCRA is celebrating the 15th edition of the Central Bank National Painting Award in 2022, and reaffirms its commitment to support artistic production and build a representative collection of contemporary art in Argentina.

The Award promotes Argentine contemporary art and brings the work of artists closer to the community. It is an event that attracts a large number of participants: more than eleven thousand artists have taken part in the fifteen editions.

With this initiative, the BCRA has acquired more than 100 works for the BCRA Collection, which includes works by Clorindo Testa, Carlos Alonso, León Ferrari, Gyula Kosice, Julio Le Parc, Liliana Porter, Alejandro Puente, Luis Felipe Noé, Marcia Schvartz, Luis Tomasello, Margarita Paksa, Josefina Robirosa, Elsa Soibelman, Sara Facio, and Luis Wells, among others. This collection, which is part of Argentina's artistic heritage, stands for our culture and identity.

The selected works and the winners of the last edition of the Central Bank National Painting Award, with Rodrigo Alonso as curator, can be visited free of charge until March 30, 2023, Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 4 pm, at the BCRA's Museum, San Martín 216.

Starting in April 2023, the exhibition will travel across some provinces in Argentina.