ARS10 Coin | 2018

The ARS10 coin is part of the new coin series of the Peso Series: Trees of the Argentine Republic.

Obverse design

The center displays a stylized image of a myrtle tree, a species native to Argentina, with a rounded and wide top. The upper arch reads “REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA” (“ARGENTINE REPUBLIC”) while the lower arch reads “CALDÉN” (“MYRTLE”), the common tree name.

Reverse design

It displays the silhouette of a flower containing the face value in micro-sized numbers and myrtle tree leaves. The upper arch reads “EN UNIÓN Y LIBERTAD” (“IN UNION AND LIBERTY”) and the lower arch shows the year of coinage “2018”. The “10 PESOS” denomination is placed at the center as a metaphor for the central region in Argentina where the tree grows.

QUALITY Circulation
COMPOSITION Homogeneous nickel-silver
EDGE Reeded
WEIGHT 9.0 g
DIAMETER 24.5 mm
MINT Sociedad de Estado Casa de Moneda (Argentina's Mint)
DATE OF ISSUE 12/18/18