30th Anniversary of the Recovery of the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands

imagen de la moneda

The issuance of a $2 peso bi-metallic coin, currently in circulation is aimed at commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the war that broke out on April 2, 1982, and the recovery of the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands.

In addition, the coin shows the bicontinental map of the Argentine Republic, which depicts the Antarctic sector in its actual proportion in relation to the continental and insular territory. Law No. 26,651 establishes that educational institutions throughout the Argentine territory are to use this map. Likewise, it shall be publicly displayed by all national and provincial organizations.

This coin was designed by Architect Fernando González Llanos, veteran from the Malvinas war, who works at the Central Bank of Argentina. Out of the total coins struck for circulation, 15,000 units have a plain edge and each of them is delivered within a cardboard case together with a small booklet on coinage features.

imagen de la moneda

2 Pesos

Obverse design

Core: The center shows the map of the Malvinas Islands, partially covered by the isotype of the Union of South American Nations—UNASUR. Above the map, there appears the year “1983”, when the territory was occupied by Great Britain; below it, the term “1982-2012” marks the 30th anniversary of the recovery of the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands.

Ring: The upper arch reads “MALVINAS "and the lower arch contains the phrase “CAUSA REGIONAL AMERICANA” (REGIONAL CAUSE IN THE AMERICAS), making reference to the group of nations in the continent that have backed Argentina’s position in line with UNASUR declarations.

Reverse design

Core/Ring: It shows the official map of the Argentine Republic, as under Law No. 26,651, which includes all territories, islands, the continental platform and the Antarctic sector. The face value, “2 PESOS”, is on the left; below it reads “República Argentina” (Argentine Republic) with the coinage year, “2012”, on the exergue.

ISSUANCE 09/20/2012
QUALITY In circulation
COMPOSITION Golden ring (Cu 92 / Al 6 / Ni 2) Silver core (Cu75 / Ni 25)
WEIGHT 7.2 grams
DIAMETER 24.50 mm (core 17 mm)
EDGE Reeded/plain (alternating)
MINT S.E. Casa de Moneda
COINAGE 5,000,000 (15,000 with a plain edge packed in a cardboard case)