The BCRA is Hiring IT and Economic Research Professionals

The BCRA has launched a call to cover positions in two areas: Information Technology and Organization, and Economic Research.

Information Technology and Organization Deputy General Management Office:

Information Technology Development Senior Management Office:

•.NET programmer - Assistant | Ref. 725 1

Information Technology Infrastructure Senior Management Office:

• Database - Assistant | Ref: 715 1

• Communications and networks - Assistant | Ref.: 715 2

Economic Research Deputy General Management Office:

• Macroeconomics - Coordinating Analyst: Solid professional training in macroeconomics and growth in small, open economies | Ref. 445 01

• Monetary and financial theory - Coordinating Analyst: Solid professional training in monetary and financial theory in small, open economies | Ref. 445 02

In the case of Economic Research positions, a five-page-long research project according to the required profile must be submitted by email to:

Interested people may apply at the following link. Applications will be received until November 13, 2022.

Only applications with a résumé stating the academic level required for each position will be considered. Supporting original documentation will be necessary to continue with the selection process.

October 31, 2022

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