The BCRA Has Opened a Logistics Center in Santiago del Estero to Supply the Northern and Central regions of Argentina

The President of the BCRA, Miguel Ángel Pesce, together with the Chief of Cabinet of Santiago del Estero, Elías Suárez, and the Minister of Economy of Santiago del Estero, Atilio Chara, on behalf of Governor Gerardo Zamora, have opened today the cash handling and logistics center for the North and Center of Argentina located in the city of La Banda.

The 1,300-square-meter center—located in the industrial park of the city of La Banda—will serve as a strategic area to provide services to the provinces of the northern and central regions. This is the second most important center in Argentina, said Pesce.

After the symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Government of Santiago del Estero and the BCRA signed a loan-for-use agreement to coordinate the joint work. This center is staffed with 24 people—hired through a strict selection process—and a significant investment was made in infrastructure and equipment. The agreement was signed by the President of the BCRA and the Minister of Economy of Santiago del Estero.

Sergio Woyecheszen, Vice President; Myriam Fernández, Treasury Strategic Planning Manager; and Celia Illobre, Operations Deputy Manager, also took part in the ceremony on behalf of the BCRA.

In turn, Matías Abdala, Undersecretary of Coordination, and Gabriel Llapur, Undersecretary of Finance, attended the ceremony on behalf of the Ministry of Economy of Santiago del Estero; along with Cecilia Valdez, provincial Representative.

Pesce congratulated the staff of the new logistics center and highlighted the efforts of "all those who worked to make the building one of the most modern in this area of Argentina, since Santiago del Estero is located in the center of the region."

This new center contributes to the BCRA's objective of improving the quality of money in circulation while reducing the use of cash, thanks to the increasing adoption of electronic means of payment. The latter method of payment has been boosted by the BCRA through innovative and high-impact measures and programs, such as Transfers 3.0.



July 26, 2023

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