Ten Key Security Features of the ARS2,000 Banknote

The paper of the ARS2,000 banknote—put into circulation by the BCRA on May 22, 2023—has the same physical and chemical characteristics as the current banknote series, as well as strict security features.

The banknote pays tribute to science and public health in Argentina, featuring the portraits of Ramón Carrillo, MD, and Cecilia Grierson, MD, and an image of the façade of the Malbrán Institute. It also contains specific features for the visually impaired, such as a series of raised lines along the short edges.

Ten key security features:


1. Watermark: localized, molded and multitone. The portraits of Ramón Carrillo, MD, and Cecilia Grierson, MD, become visible when holding up the banknote against the light.

2. Security fibers: invisible fibers with blue and yellow luminescence under UV light spotted across the banknote at random.


a) Obverse:

3. Optical variability ink: the image of the traditional symbol of medicine in the top right-hand corner changes color from green to blue as the banknote is tilted, with a three-dimensional dynamic effect.

4. See-through register: when holding the banknote up to the light, an image on the obverse and reverse combine to form the 2,000 denomination in the bottom left-hand corner.

5. Latent image: the initials RA in the bottom right-hand corner become visible when the banknote is held up horizontally at eye level and to the light.

6. Intaglio printing: the portraits of Ramón Carrillo and Cecilia Grierson, texts, numbers, and marks for the visually impaired are engraved in intaglio.

7. Microprinting: placed on Ramón Carrillo's lapels of jacket and temple of glasses.

8. Iris effect background.

b) Reverse:

9. Vertical number: placed on the left-hand side in red ink, visible in red under UV light.

10. Horizontal number: black variable-sized digits placed in the top right-hand corner, visible in yellow under UV light.



June 3, 2023

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