The BCRA Signed an Agreement with the CNV to Improve Actions on Financial Education and Inclusion


Miguel Pesce, President of the BCRA, and Sebastián Negri, President of the National Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores, CNV), have signed a cooperation agreement for financial education. This agreement seeks to strengthen the knowledge and skills of financial services users and capital market investors, and to boost the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable sectors.

During the event, which took place at the BCRA, Pesce highlighted the importance of education so that users can have access to different investment options. “We have been working at the BCRA for the promotion of the capital market and for Argentine savings to turn into investments and financing for projects in our country,” said Pesce, and then he added: “We are very pleased with this new step we are taking to improve financial education, because it is important for people to understand and be fully aware of the transactions they make, especially now that electronic means of payment offer options to make investments regulated by the CNV.”

In turn, Sebastián Negri highlighted the role of the agreement to strengthen the work between the two institutions: “This agreement will enable closer collaboration between both institutions, as we have a supplementary agenda: the experience and capabilities of the BCRA complement the expertise of the CNV in instruments such as mutual funds, in addition to the technology-based connection between bank accounts and mutual funds, which have been growing in recent years in volume and number of users.” In recent years, the BCRA and the CNV have been collaborating in the area of financial education, both in the implementation of training courses with a gender perspective for employees of the national and provincial administrations, and in the training of secondary school teachers within the framework of the “Our School” program of the National Institute for Teacher Training (Instituto Nacional de Formación Docente, INFOD) of the Argentine Ministry of Education.

This agreement will serve to expand the scope of training programs aimed at different audiences, such as teachers and students from different levels of the educational system; employees of national, provincial and municipal administrations; as well as social and community leaders who may contribute to the implementation of training in the jurisdictions where the BCRA is developing a federal program in collaboration with provincial governments. Thus, training courses will be designed and implemented online as well as face-to-face, and contents and materials on financial education will be developed in relation to aspects of the financial system and the capital market.

The agreement signed by Pesce and Negri provides for the signing of supplementary arrangements for the development and implementation of financial education actions between the Financial Regulations Deputy General Management Office of the BCRA and the Corporate Governance and Investor Protection Management Office of the CNV.

The following CNV's officers also took part in the meeting: Nadia Montenegro, Corporate Governance and Investor Protection Manager; Anahí Alujas, International Affairs, Institutional Development and Communication Manager; and Ricardo Lazzari, Deputy Manager of Investor Protection and Financial Education. On behalf of the BCRA, the following officers attended the meeting: Daniela Bossio, Financial Regulations Deputy General Manager; Gastón Repetto, Financial Inclusion Senior Manager; and Mariano Iglesias, Financial Education Manager.


December 12, 2022

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