Agreement between the BCRA and the CONICET for the Development of Research Projects


The President of the BCRA, Miguel Pesce, and the President of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, CONICET), Ana María Franchi, have signed an agreement to call, identify, manage and finance research projects. Isabel Mac Donald, President of Fundación INNOVA-T (INNOVA-T Foundation), has also signed the agreement.

During the event at the BCRA, Pesce highlighted the importance of the agreement which seeks to further research in areas of interest for the BCRA. “The BCRA has been committed to scientific research since its creation; we publish a journal of economic essays and we also organize the Conferences on economic, monetary and banking topics. Both have become a tradition in the region”, said Pesce. He added: “The purpose of this agreement is to make the BCRA enter the mainstream of the State’s scientific-technological targets focusing on research and supporting projects of interest to the BCRA.”

In turn, the President of the CONICET highlighted the effective potentiality of the agreement. “This agreement enables to finance research groups on specific topics within economics, an area that is vacant in the CONICET. This will let us move forward in future agreements to strengthen our own research groups,” said Franchi.

Germán Feldman, the Economic Research Deputy General Manager of the BCRA, and Liliana Sacco, Scientific and Technologic Development Manager, were also present in the event. Feldman will be in charge of the development of this agreement on behalf of the BCRA.

Research Projects

Under the agreement, there will be a preliminary call for Ideas-Projects within the fields and lines of research that are in line with the purpose and functions of the BCRA. In the coming days, the terms and conditions of the call will be posted here.

Then, there will a call for projects, which will be open for two years. An Ad Hoc Commission made up of members nominated by the BCRA and the CONICET—with federal representation and gender equality— will be responsible for analyzing the projects submitted and monitoring their development.

The results of the research projects will be published in the Ensayos Económicos (Economic Essays) journal of the BCRA, and in other journals of scientific interest.

The projects will be financed by the BCRA and will be managed by the CONICET through Fundación INNOVA-T

October 21, 2021.

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