Resumption of the Terms of Summary Proceedings

The Board of the BCRA has ordered that the suspension term for foreign exchange and financial summary proceedings be lifted as from November 23, 2020 as under the Law on Foreign Exchange Criminal Legislation Regime, and the Law on Financial Institutions, respectively.

The suspension term is effective through November 22, within the framework of the policies on preventive and compulsory social isolation set by the National Government, notwithstanding the validity of the proceedings carried out in such period, given the intervention of the defendant is unnecessary.

The terms will be resumed on November 24, 2020, as November 23 is a public holiday.

The Board established the following:

-Filing: Documents may be filed in paper at the front desk of the BCRA, from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

-Access to summary proceedings: Any attorney, public defender, party subject, or related, to the summary proceedings or expert who need to access a file at the Foreign Exchange Contentious Affairs Management Office will be required to ask for an appointment by email to, for foreign exchange summary proceedings, and to, for financial summary proceedings. The appointment date will be set taking into account the procedural terms—if any—for filing and answering documents, and for filing appeals, as well as urgent deadlines.

For inquiries: Send an email to and regarding foreign exchange and financial summary proceedings, respectively. Inquiries must be sent from the email address for service informed.

Proceedings: the actions that the BCRA may take in foreign exchange and financial summary proceedings—or in an early stage—on a remote and digital basis will be valid.

November 19, 2020.

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