Open data on the BCRA website

The Central Bank of Argentina's website comprises its monetary and financial statistics series in an open format, so as to facilitate processing through the most used apps nowadays. In this way, large volumes of data can now be downloaded in “txt” format.

You may access this new database, which includes monthly and daily series, by clicking here.

As part of the process for opening monetary and financial statistics to the community, the BCRA has endeavored to made access simple and dynamic, and ensured that contents could be downloaded, allowing users to apply their own data analytics tools on the URL links that identify each one of the open format files.

These files include the available groups of historical series and the relevant URL links next to the title of the thematic separators appearing in the new web page design to facilitate the access to multiple series.

This contributes to ensure the access to all available series of historical monetary statistics both for the general public and for such users as are interested in processing large volumes of data.

See Communication “C” 73566 for a comprehensive description of contents and characteristics of changes and latest news.

December 29, 2016

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