Pesce Will Be at the Closing of the 2022 Money and Banking Conference

The 2022 Money and Banking Conference organized by the BCRA under the heading Challenges of the New Global Context for Macroeconomic Stability and Growth—will finish tomorrow with Miguel Ángel Pesce, President of the BCRA, as the closing speaker.

The second in-person panel—Challenges and prospects related to monetary policy—will start at 10 am. Speakers include:

Roger Edwin Rojas Ulo (provisional President of the Central Bank of Bolivia). Effectiveness of the Bolivian monetary regime and contemporary global challenges.

Julio Velarde (President of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru). Current challenges for stability and growth.

Humberto Colmán Castillo (member of the Board of the Central Bank of Paraguay). Monetary policy of Paraguay.

The conference is open and free of charge. Prior registration will be required for the last in-person panel. People will also have access to the live conference through this link, which has relevant information (registration form, program and speakers’ bios and panels).

Like all other academic and outreach initiatives of the BCRA, the conference—organized by the Economic Research Deputy General Management Office—seeks to stimulate discussion on macroeconomic, monetary and financial topics. It is addressed to a wide audience, and to academics and policymakers, among others.

November 30, 2022

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