The BCRA Has Improved the Conditions to Access the Forex Market for Imports of Automotive Components, Fertilizers and Plant Protection Products

The BCRA has improved the financing conditions for importing fertilizers, plant protection products and inputs for manufacturing these goods in Argentina.

As under the resolution of the Board of the BCRA, the period to access the forex market has been reduced from 90 to 60 days.

In addition, the term to access the forex market for the payment of inputs used in the manufacturing in Argentina of goods for export has been reduced from 365 to 60 days, where there is a simultaneous settlement of the amounts collected for advances or pre-financing of exports. This will be in effect provided that the inputs are used for the domestic manufacturing of items for export.

The Board also simplified the access to the forex market for automotive plants that produce units for export. This measure will allow automotive plants to access the forex market in order to pay imports of automotive components for manufacturing units for export.

Moreover, access to the forex market will be allowed for payments made by companies that collect, in Argentina, the funds paid by residents to non-resident digital service providers.

July 7, 2022

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