Commemorative Coin of the Bicentennial of the Year General Manuel Belgrano Passed Away


The BCRA issued a commemorative silver coin for the Bicentennial of the Year General Manuel Belgrano passed away (1820-2020). This is the first time a proof-quality commemorative coin featuring the Argentine flag in color on the reverse side is issued.

The main figure on the obverse side is based on the equestrian sculpture of General Manuel Belgrano located in Plaza de Mayo. In the right corner, it reads “1820-2020”, which represents the 200th anniversary of the commemoration of the year General Manuel Belgrano passed away. The upper arch reads “REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA” (ARGENTINE REPUBLIC) and the lower arch, “GRAL. MANUEL BELGRANO”.

The reverse side features the National Flag in the center displayed in color, and the hero’s signature on the national symbol. The upper arch reads “XX VI MMXX” and the lower arch, the face value “UN PESO” (“ONE PESO”).

The coin is made of silver 900, has a diameter of 37 mm and weighs 25 grams. It has a reeded edge. The presentation includes: case, acrylic capsule, and certificate of authenticity.

This commemorative coin was designed by the Treasury Strategic Planning Management —Numismatic Issuance Deputy Management department of the BCRA.

The total amount of 3,000 units was coined by Mennica Polska S.A.

In the first stage, this coin (at the cost of ARS9,200) can be purchased by sending an email to

December 15, 2020

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