The Registry of Interoperable Digital Wallets Is Now Available Online through the BCRA's Website

The Registry of Interoperable Digital Wallets, listed on the BCRA's website, includes the service providers—whether financial institutions or payment service providers—that complied with the requirements defined by the BCRA.

The creation of this registry—approved by the Board of the BCRA last February—is part of a set of measures adopted to reinforce controls and mitigate fraud in transactions made through digital wallets. Moreover, it provides users with information on the wallets that can be used to make payments by transfer by reading any QR code. This means that users that have one of the wallets included on the list can make payments by transfer even if the QR brand is different.

This option applies to payments made with the funds available in the account but does not apply to card payments.

QR codes may be placed on the shop’s counter, mobile phone, POS terminal or receipt.

Payments by transfer are free of charge for payers. Shop owners pay the lowest market fee and funds are credited to their accounts within 15 seconds.

July 22, 2022

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