Governor Sandleris at CIEF 2018


The Governor of the Central Bank of Argentina, Guido Sandleris, has taken part in the closing panel discussion held this afternoon at the International Conference on Economics and Finance “CIEF 2018 — The Challenges of Disinflation in a Flexible Exchange Rate System: the Argentine Case in the International Context.”

Sandleris talked about the monetary policy scheme implemented in October, underscoring that “context requires that the Central Bank be cautious.” In this regard, he added: “That is what we are actually doing: being cautious. We overperformed our monetary base target in October, and also in November, and we have already announced that we are going to overperform December’s target.”

The BCRA’s Governor remarked: “Our major goal is to bring the inflation rate to one digit. This will take time. We have to persevere.”

Guillermo Calvo, Augusto De La Torre and José Dario Uribe also took part in the closing panel, which was moderated by Miguel Kiguel.

December 11, 2018

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