The Façade of the BCRA's First Headquarters Was Restored and Enhanced


The façade of the building that housed the BCRA’s first headquarters was restored and enhanced through the work of experts in restoration, sculpture and conservation of historical buildings.

The building—located at San Martín 275, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires—was designed and built between 1872 and 1876 by architects Henry Hunt (English) and Hans Schroeder (German), pioneers in Argentine bank architecture.

Before starting the restoration process, stratigraphic surveys and laboratory analyses were conducted to determine the building’s original color and composition. Historical documents and construction data were collected in order to prepare the technical specifications and hire the necessary services.

The restoration work began in 2022. It was approved and supervised by the National Commission of Historical Monuments, Places and Property. The process included cleaning, removal of elements at risk of detachment, structural reinforcements and reconstruction with stone-like material.

The building initially housed the headquarters of Banco Hipotecario de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. In 1888, it was used by the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice. Then, in 1912, it accommodated the Caja de Conversión, predecessor institution of the BCRA. In 2005, the building was declared a National Historical Monument through Executive Order No. 1563.

September 4, 2023

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