Central de Ideas: The New BCRA Blog

The BCRA has launched a new blog called Central de Ideas. It seeks to disseminate the BCRA´s economic research works and to encourage the discussion of current macro, monetary and financial topics.

The blog is part of a strategy followed by the BCRA to reach a wider audience interested in economic, banking and monetary topics, and to recover its academic profile. In the same vein, the “Dr. Raúl Prebisch” Economic Research Annual Award was reinstated, and the BCRA´s academic journal Ensayos Económicos will be relaunched.

Central de Ideas is aimed to ensure a better understanding of current economic issues by a general audience and to have a closer contact with them through a less technical and plain language. The blog will be updated frequently with posts written by economists from the BCRA and, sometimes, by external economists.

“This blog will bring people closer to the BCRA´s academic and professional activities,” said the BCRA’s President Miguel Ángel Pesce.

The first post resumes an old discussion: the level of devaluation pass-through to prices in Argentina and other countries in the region.

The Economic Research Deputy General Management Office of the BCRA will be in charge of the editorial coordination.

“Central de Ideas is a space for sharing the BCRA´s academic activities and seeks to reach a wider audience, beyond academics and professionals, while ensuring rigorous analysis,” said Germán Feldman, chief economist of the BCRA.

The blog is addressed to a wider and more diverse audience—economists, university students, disseminators and people interested in economics—, and is meant to be another channel for posting the BCRA´s research works in addition to traditional reports and papers.

September 14, 2020.

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