ARS2,000 Banknote of the “Heroines and Heroes of the Nation” Series for Circulation

Today, the BCRA has released into circulation a ARS2,000 banknote that adds to the commemorative one in circulation, but has additional security features, such as the incorporation of a green security thread.

Another difference between this banknote and the commemorative banknote that was put into circulation in May 2023 is that the number 2000, on the obverse, has been moved to make room for the electrotype watermark of the characters' initials. The reverse shows part of the main vignette with a different color, and the signatures in a different place.

The banknote—part of the “Heroines and Heroes of the Nation” series—maintains the other characteristics of the commemorative banknote of the same denomination and will circulate alongside it. It will be gradually distributed through the network of bank branches across the country. This banknote starts with the “E” series.

It features the image of the Malbrán Institute and the portraits of Ramón Carrillo, MD, and Cecilia Grierson, MD, pioneers in the development of medicine and public health in Argentina.


Security features. The ARS2,000 banknote was designed in collaboration with Argentina´s Mint. Some of its security features include the following:

Watermark. On the white area, the portraits of Ramón Carrillo, MD, and Cecilia Grierson, MD, and their initials become visible in a light color when holding the banknote up to the light.

Windowed security thread. There is a green security thread woven—in three windows—into the banknote. A continuous band with the acronym BCRA becomes visible when holding the banknote up to the light. The thread has a dynamic effect as the banknote is tilted.

Optical variability ink. The image changes color from green to blue as the banknote is tilted, with a three-dimensional dynamic effect.

Latent image. The initials “RA” become visible when the banknote is held up horizontally at eye level and to the light.

See-through register. When holding the banknote up to the light, an image on the obverse and reverse combine to form the 2,000 denomination.

As for the features for the visually impaired, the banknote has a series of raised lines along its short edges.

November 7, 2023

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