The BCRA Has Improved the Requirements of the Productive Sector for Importing Goods and Services

Today, the Board of the BCRA eased the requirements to access the forex market for imports of goods and services related to the productive sector.

The measures benefit the energy sector, the sectors producing fertilizers and plant protection products, the sectors using supplies for manufacturing products for export, and the automobile industry.

The operating services of companies from the energy sector (whether exploitation, generation or distribution) will have access after 60 days, instead of the current 180-day period for the payment of the increase in imports compared to the previous year.

In addition, no restrictions apply to access the forex market for the payment of basic supplies imported into the country under specific customs subregimes as temporary imports for their processing and subsequent export.

Also, a maturity term of 60 calendar days from customs registration is established for advances or pre-financing of exports in relation to the import of fertilizers, plant protection products, and/or supplies for manufacturing goods in Argentina.

Finally, automotive manufacturers were allowed to transfer to their direct suppliers the “Certifications of export of temporary supplies under the in-factory customs regime” for the payment of automotive components for manufacturing units for export.

July 14, 2022

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