Interoperability of QR codes with Credit Card Payments Has Been Deferred until December 1

The term for shops to accept credit card payments through QR codes has been deferred until December 1, 2023. This decision was approved today by the Board of the BCRA.

Under this measure, stores displaying a QR code to collect their credit card sales will accept payments with any interoperable e-wallet, regardless of the QR code brand.

Acquirers and aggregators offering the service may not draw a distinction between stores in terms of fees charged or terms set for crediting funds depending on the e-wallet brand ordering the payment.

In the same sense, the measure establishes that acquirers or aggregators accepting payments by transfer must offer stores a single QR code for all payment instruments.

Thus, the payment experience will be more user-friendly since, until now, the interoperability of QR codes was limited to payments by transfer (pagos con transferencia, PCTs).

October 12, 2023

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