Information about Financial Institutions

This monthly publication aims to improve the flow of timely and thorough information between financial institutions and supervisory authorities, between borrowers and lenders, and between financial institutions and shareholders/depositors. It further seeks to improve financial institutions' internal management, which in turn leads to more effective supervisory activities and enhanced credit analysis. This will contribute to reducing financial intermediation spreads and strengthening the security and soundness of the financial system. Financial users will thus have an important analysis tool at hand for making a decision about their transactions.

The information contained in this section has been provided by financial institutions in accordance with the reporting regime. For this reason, it does not imply any consent on the part of the BCRA.

In addition, financial users may obtain information about financial institutions on an individual basis or about the financial system as a whole (banks, public banks, private banks, domestically-owned local banks, foreign-owned local banks, branches of foreign financial institutions, financial companies, domestically- and foreign-owned financial companies, credit unions and the top 10 private banks rated on the basis of their assets).

Aggregate information about debtors within the whole financial system and financial trusts is also available.

The figures included in each level described above are obtained from the information of the month to which published data corresponds, or from the latest data validated by each institution as of the cut-off date. This criterion is applied to any additional information, financial statements and classification of debtors' performance.

The open data of all the institutions is available in a zipped file (.7z) for an easy download. The data are in .txt format and contain a pdf detailing the contents of the file. This information replaces the information previously distributed on the Financial Institutions Information CD.

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