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Statistical series in txt format

All the historical records of each set of homogeneous monetary series are in txt format that allows the management of large databases: “series code;dd/mm/yyyy;series value” (a semicolon is used as field separator).

The data catalog allows the identification of each series code and the search of metadata.

Monetary and Financial Scenario (monthly series)

It contains information on the BCRA's international reserves: gold, foreign currency, term deposits and others, end-of-month stocks and monthly average of daily stocks, in million US dollars. Monetary aggregates, and end-of-month stocks, in thousands of pesos. Main liabilities of the BCRA, monthly average of daily stocks in million pesos. Money and credit, end-of-month stocks, in million pesos. Interest rates, monthly average in annual percentage rate.

Money and Credit (stocks)
Interest Rates and Traded Amount
Volume of transactions, payment instruments, infrastructure of the financial system and information by political division

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