US Dollar Auction Held on Behalf of the Ministry of Economy

As requested by the Ministry of Economy, the BCRA has been holding two daily US dollar auctions on behalf of this Ministry since April 15, 2019; the daily amount was set at USD60 million until reaching a total of USD9.6 billion.

- The official call is announced through the SIOPEL platform of the Mercado Abierto Electrónico and institutions have 3 minutes to place their bids.

- Bidders place up to two bids in each auction, considering a minimum amount of USD1 million and in USD1 million increments, with no maximum amount. Bids may not be changed or cancelled once entered into the system. They are awarded at multiple prices after the auction ends and a pro rata system is used, if necessary.

- The first auction starts at 12:00 am and the second one at 2:45 pm.

Daily auction result